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While some companies believe they should apply drastic cuts on their expenses through layoffs and reducing their market exposure during the times of crisis, others, more visionary and progressive will look at innovative and creative ways to expand their businesses and explore new territories and avenues to expand their business and improve their revenue.

Whilst the Middle East and Africa (MEA) markets still represent great expansion opportunities for businesses, investing in these markets may represent a financial risk if not thoroughly prepared.

Supply Value Chain Management:

G&K; devised a specific practice: Supply Value Chain Management, designed for those businesses interested in benefiting from the MEA market's opportunities, while controlling their expenses and securing a positive Return On Investment.

G&K; Consulting will setup your presence in the Middle East based on the highest opportunities markets. We will appoint your distribution channel and resellers, will assist in setting up your business goals and financial targets, will train your resellers and will monitor the sales. In a word, G&K; will run your business in the region on your behalf while you will still controlling and maintaining the decision power.

Supply Value Chain Management services:

- Identify, recruit and manage the best Distributors and Channel partners on your behalf.
- Outsourced Channel and/or Product Manager.
- Outsourced technical Pre and/or Post Sales support.
- Short-listing and recruitment of appropriate partners and Alliances.
- Training and skill development for partners and customers.
- Business planning, Target setting, follow ups & reporting.
- Initiatives and promotions management.
- Marketing and PR management
- Sales Funnel management.
- Performance reviews and recommendations reports.

Management in times of Economic Crisis:

The current financial and economic crisis created new set of challenges for businesses across the world. Dealing with strategic and tactical operations today imposes a new management model and a new array of rules and imperatives. While some companies choose to reduce their expenses, cut cost on R&D; and other functions and carry on with their activities in the traditional way, others are keen on exploring new opportunities, new markets and new ideas.

As rightly put by A. Einstein: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results", we believe that successful business in times of crises are the ones that identify the opportunities generated by the current situation, devise creative plans to benefit from those opportunities and apply innovation in executing on those plans. In other words, G&K; believes that one man's economic crisis is another man's Golden Opportunity.

G&K; designed a specific consulting approach to help businesses identifying the opportunities, creating and executing the plans that will deliver unprecedented value to businesses.

Business Training and Workshops

Inspired by the greatest visionary business leaders ( Peter Drucker, Sun Tzu, Edward De Bono, Eric Berne, Tom Peters and Daniel Goldman) and stirred by the most important publications (Industry Advisory Board, Harvard Business Schools - Trends & Research and American Management Association - Trends & Research), G&K; developed a series of trainings and workshops to cover various aspects of today's business needs

- Success in the Economic Crisis
- Creativity & Innovation : the only choice
- Organizational & Individual Effectiveness
- Trends in Management
- Sales and Account Management
- Effective Channel Management
- The G&K Remix

G&K can also provide customized workshops

To compete for the lead, it is not enough to just improve what you do.
You have to re-invent yourself and the market.
Galal & Karawi Consulting (2008)