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Galal & Karawi Consulting

The financial crisis that started in 2008 has opened up a new chapter of how we all do business.

Operating with less personnel and on tighter marketing budgets, fierce competition and price wars and the overall economic indicators scaring off the most loyal customers.

These are the new conditions we all have to operate within now and for the foreseen future..

What We Do

We provide services to help vendors establish a successful sales and value supply chain in the Middle East and Africa territories.

We short-list, recruit and manage channel partners on the vendor's behalf. We allocate product, channel and retail managers from G&K; to develop and manager the supply chain on behalf of the vendor. G&K; has teams focusing on the Retail as well as the Enterprise space.

We provide additional standard and tailored services including channel partners training, business development, developing enterprise sales funnels and retail merchandising and promoter services.

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Wether you are not present in the Middle East and Africa region, or you have a small team there and are looking to increase your sales by targeting one of the most promising developing regions, we can help you make your plans come true! Email us today to discuss what we can offer for you.

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